The Locksmith Brisbane Guide

Learn About Locksmiths, Locks, Prices and Qualifications Required

Locksmith Brisbane Guide

Locksmithing services are in high demand in modern times. Locksmiths help people to access their homes or cars when they have lost keys or when the locks become faulty. Apart from keys, they perform a whole set of other different jobs. This locksmith Brisbane guide will seek to find out among other things, who is a locksmith, why you would need a locksmith, how locks are repaired locks, how locks are picked as well as, residential and commercial, automotive, emergency as well as the qualifications required for one to practice as a locksmith in Brisbane, South East Queensland. The guide to locksmith Brisbane will also include the popular locksmith areas in different locations throughout South East Queensland. It will also be a comprehensive guide on how to overcome challenges related to locks and keys.

What Is A Locksmith?


A locksmith is an individual who is trained professionally with the skill of making locks or lock-smithing. Locksmiths have the ability to open locks without the original keys designed to open a specific lock. They also design and make keys. Professional locksmiths are licensed through and their services regulated by professional bodies. Locksmiths perform the following functions:

  • Install locks
  • Key cutting
  • Repair locks
  • Fitting security screen doors
  • Provision of locks’ related services
  • Emergencies


Why You Would Need a Locksmith in Brisbane

A professional locksmith Brisbane will ensure that all locks in your home are operating in good condition. Good working locks ensure that your home is safe and secure. In fact, a locksmith plays one of the most important functions in a home, more so on security. You would need a locksmith to carry out the following activities:

  • Locks assessment

A professional locksmith will troubleshoot your locks to ensure that they are working properly according to the manufacturer. Trouble shooting can help to identify dead latches that are broken and strike alignment that is not properly working

  • Security

A locksmith will ensure security in your home through re-keying. This will ensure that there is no unauthorized person with spare keys to your property.

  • Quality

Locksmiths have sufficient knowledge on the level of security that different locks have. They can provide you with locks reconfigured and with a higher security level than those provided at the shop.

  • Vulnerability

A locksmith will make your home secure and less vulnerable to attacks. He or she can make doors stronger, tighten hinges and add additional security features so that your property remains safe.

How Locksmiths Repair Locks

Problems with door locks can be repaired without having to replace the whole system by locksmiths. Most of them remove the lock cylinder which can be replaced by changing the key. Replacing the lock with a new cylinder ensures that it returns to the original state of security.

How Do Locksmiths Pick Locks?

Picking locks is a method applied by locksmiths. This is mostly done when the keys to the lock have been misplaced or lost and access is required. Locksmiths use a combination of skill and experience to pick locks. They use a method called scrubbing whereby tension wrench is inserted at the bottom of the key hole followed by a slight application of pressure. After that, they insert the pick tool at the top of the lock. They then move the pick back and forth in the key hole while applying slight pressure to the wrench. They repeat this process until all the pins in the lock are set and the lock opens. Locksmiths can only do this since they are the ones with knowledge of pin configuration and alignments.

What Is Re-Keying?

Re-keying is a process done by a professional locksmith that renders previous keys issued with the lock non-functional. This involves re-configuration of the locks in a way that only new keys will work. In this process, the locksmith replaces the tumblers of the locks cylinders with new ones of different sizes. After that, the lock will require new keys to open that match with the tumbler of the new lock. Re keying can also be done to all external locks in a home in a way that they can only be unlocked by one key. Re-keying is necessary when the keys to your lock might be in the wrong hands. This might happen when you move into a new home, change cleaning companies, fire your employees or rent a new commercial apartment. In such situations, although they may return all the keys, they might have duplicated the keys making your property vulnerable to vandalism. Re-keying can be done at a minimal cost without having to replace the entire lock system.

What Is A Residential Locksmith?

Residential locksmiths attend to professional lock services in residential homes. A residential locksmith Brisbane needs to have a proper understanding of the security needs of homeowners while still adhering to professional conduct. They offer services like installing and repair of locks and door knobs, opening jammed locks, installing home locks, duplicating keys, garage door repairs, installation of gates with enhanced security features, installing master key systems, changing locks, opening and repairs of home safes, emergency lock outs and master key systems among other things.

What Is A Commercial Locksmith?

A commercial locksmith is a professional whose main work involves performing lock services on commercial businesses. Individuals in this field offer their services solely to business owners and not residential or automotive. Services offered by commercial locksmiths include:

  • servicing and installation of locks
  • services related to safes and keyless systems
  • biometric systems and emergency services

Commercial needs differ from residential needs. Business will require more sophisticated systems to protect assets. Apart from the normal lock installations and repairs, commercial locksmiths also design and install safe rooms for banks and other financial institutions, design and install alarm systems, install closed circuit television systems and also keep and manage records of all installed security systems.

What Is An Automotive Locksmith?

Automotive locksmiths offer their services mostly to car, truck and heavy vehicle owners. Car owners might have their car keys locked in the boot, lost or even jammed automotive ignitions systems. The automotive locksmith helps the car owner to access the key when such circumstances occur. Other services include:

  • car key programming
  • car key cutting, car key repairs
  • key replacement
  • retrieving car keys stuck in the ignitions system


What Is An Emergency Locksmith?

Emergency locksmith services are offered to clients during business hours or outside business hours. The locksmith visits the client on site on a 24-hour period to offer services such as burglary repairs and securing properties during attempted break-ins. A client can be locked out of their car or house and may require such services urgently.

Qualifications For A Lock Smith In Brisbane


To become a locksmith Brisbane you will need to undertake an apprentice course provided by the Australian government schemes. Before you enroll to undertake a course in locksmithing, you should consider the following:

  • Is the institution accredited to offer locksmithing classes?
  • Cost of the course and course material required
  • Any incentives provided by the government
  • Level of income while studying

After completion of a locksmithing course in an approved institution, the next step is acquiring the necessary licenses required to operate as a locksmith in Brisbane. Locksmiths must join an industry regulated organization and obtain a working license before they can offer any services to the public. Licensing is meant to ensure credibility and security of homeowners and not to expose them to quacks or spies who are out there masquerading as locksmiths. Salaries for professional locksmiths are determined by the scope and nature of work. All professional locksmiths must be registered with the master locksmiths association of Australia. This is the professional body mandated to regulate the locksmithing industry. Their services are covered under the security system regulations and services in the government of Queensland Brisbane. Licensing can only be provided after fulfilling the necessary requirements as provided by law.

Locksmith Brisbane Prices


Prices for Locksmith Brisbane vary from one company to the other. It also depends with the type of system or lock involved. Some locks are more sophisticated than others, which requires more precision. Prices are as follows

  • Normal locksmith services are in the range of $80 to $100 callout fee
  • $20 to $30 per lock
  • 2 locks replacement with double cylinder and rekeying at $260
  • Changing a normal cylinder goes for $10 to 20$
  • Master key system goes for $150

Popular Brisbane Locksmith Areas


Brisbane CBD

This is the center or hub of the state of Queensland. It is located on the northern bank of Brisbane River. The CBD is filled with skyscrapers. It occupies an area of 1.357km2. According to the 2011 census, the CBD had a population of 7111 residents. It is bounded by parkland to the northwest and fortitude valley to the northeast. It faces Petrie Terrace to the west and to the north is spring hill. The plan of the city follows a grid system which is a common occurrence of majority cities and streets in Australia. The city has business, schools, attraction parks and well served by a transportation network. Main attractions in the city include the Queensland parliament buildings, Brisbane City Hall, gardens point campus and the Queensland university of technology. Transport systems in the city include rail, road and city ferries. Brisbane central business district is regarded as the heart of Brisbane. The majority of locksmith Brisbane contractors will service this location as well as the following metro regions.

Brisbane NorthSide

This suburb covers an area of 186.9 km2. This area is expected to have a population growth of around 0.7% according to estimates made up to the year 2030. The population was estimated at 201000 according to the 2011 census reports. It is an area with more than 15,000 businesses according to data provided by department of state, development and planning.

Brisbane Southside

Southside Brisbane is another suburb in Brisbane. It is on the southern side of Brisbane central business district. According to the 2011 census, the suburb had a population of 5416 people. It is well served by different modes of transport such as roads, train stations and ferry services. Main attractions in Brisbane Southside include but not limited to Southbank islands, grey street, Queensland maritime museum, Queensland cultural centre and Brisbane convention and exhibition centre. Residents of the suburb born in Australia account for 44%, which makes it cosmopolitan.


This suburb is located on the south east side of Brisbane. It is a commercial centre with large shopping centres and malls. It is the second most populated area in the Redlands. It is surrounded by other suburbs such as Sheldon, Birkland and Alexandra hills. The suburb is a gateway to the coastal regions of Redlands. According to the 2011 population census, the suburb had a population of 16,644. Although majority of the residents are Australian , there are also other people who make up 24% of the total suburb population. It is a terminal for major roads and a major bus station.


This suburb established in 1824 is located at 28 kilometres from Brisbane. It is the central business district for the Redcliffe peninsula. In the 2011 census, the suburb had a population of 9201 people which have grown since then. majority of the residents are Australians, making up 70% while the rest of the population comes from neighbouring countries. Main attractions in Redcliffe include Redcliffe jetty, Suttons beach, Redcliffe museum, Redcliffe botanical gardens and the jetty markets. The suburb also holds celebrations every September to commemorate the first European settlement which happened in Redcliffe. Redcliffe is well endowed with beautiful landscapes and terrain.

Wrap Up

Locksmiths are professionals who are relied upon to deal with issue of locks in homes and business. They undertake different functions from lock repair, replacement of faulty locks and also security systems such as alarms. They charge different costs depending on the nature of the task at hand. In Brisbane Australia, you can find the services of professional locksmiths in Redcliffe, Redcliffe, Cabalaba, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane north side and Brisbane Southside. All professional locksmiths must possess the necessary qualifications and licenses. This highly sensitive job includes accessing personal and private properties thus the high level of discretion required. We hope you enjoyed the locksmith Brisbane article and it has covered the main parts of learning about the trade. Please feel free to comment or contact us for any further information.

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