8 DIY Pest Control Treatments For Homeowners


When you have relatives over for company, do you ever see a pesky little critter running over towards you or your guests? Roaches, ants, termites, fleas…etc. are the last thing you need to have in your home. With so many germs and infections that you may get because of these pests, that’s the last thing you want is to have your guests to have them too. Try these DIY pest control treatments for homeowners.

With so many chemicals in various pest control formulas and sprays, it can be harsh for children with certain allergies. In fact, this is especially true if you have pets. Around the house, there’s a way to do without such chemicals from the pest control sprays. Many homeowners may want to protect their children and pets because of the harshness they bring to the environment or the air.

For a pest-free home, there’s solutions for having eliminating them. Here’s 8 DIY pet control treatments from our friends over at Eco Pest Control who specialise in treating pests the eco-friendly way.

1. Rid of mosquitoes

According to the National Pest Management Association (Nov. 2012), getting rid of mosquitoes such as backyard mosquitoes can be dealt with by stopping their “daytime resting” hot-spots.

Normally, how this is done, according to Jim Fredericks, Ph.D. of NPMA, is treating it with the “residual insecticide.” You can use a “mistblower or similar application device.”

In Brisbane we have a large population of mosquitoes and various control methods are used to treatthem.

Although, for the DIY homeowners, why not make your own

Here’s a way to reduce or eliminate those breeding locations around your property. Soapy water in a bottle can do the trick. Spray over the areas in your backyard near the doorways, plants, and garden furniture. Additionally, you can also screen your outdoor spaces or use mosquito trappings systems near your doorways. Let them “stick” on those hard-glue mosquito strips which work every time! (Source)

2. Eliminate Bees

One of the most reputable pest control companies in the nation is Orkin. They have a way to eliminate bees and so should you! If you have a problem with bees such as honey bees that love to come out in the Spring time, you won’t anymore. Try this DIY remedy for ridding pesky bees. Since their colonies have three castes (i.e. Queen bee, Infertile Female worker bees, and their male drones…), you have to eliminate all!

Fire at night is a way to eliminate hives. You’ll have to torch the hives at night when they’re asleep! Make sure you cover yourself such as your face with a netted mask they sell at hardware or online stores. You may also want to invest in gloves and practice the blow torch during the daytime so you don’t ruin or cause a fire to the area you aim it at. Although, to avoid a swarm of bees waking up and attacking, this is why practice makes perfect and so does cover-alls, so practice your blow torch and remember to do this at night. (It would be wise to wear a head-lamp.)

3. Get rid of Ants

Vinegar in a bottle is one way to get rid of pesky ants. Sprinkle coffee grounds around the entry points of your home. Ants do not like coffee! Additionally, another form of a DIY remedy to rid of ants is baking soda and powdered sugar. Baking soda is the killer but the sugar is the sweet eatings for the ants (or their last meal).

4. Eliminate Fleas

Eliminating fleas is a challenge. They’re parasites and love blood! Then they rest and do it all over again. There’s 100 to every one flea in your home. You can sprinkle baking soda along the carpets and furniture and then brush thoroughly in the carpet. You can also use Epsom salt. Then, vacuum your carpet thoroughly. Remove the vac bag and throw it outside in the trash.

5. Eliminate Ticks

Removing ticks is challenging too. Remove ticks from your home with the following remedy can be effective. Mix two parts of alcohol (antiseptic) and a part of oil, soak in a table cloth or rag and then pass it through the DIY remedy several times. Now if you see a tick, passing the rag over it until it’s removed will kill it. That’s the challenge, but it works. You can also apply boiling water with a citric such as a grapefruit or lemon. Then apply it on the tick with a “poker. Healing cream being rubbed afterwards will help you if it leaves a wound.

6. Get rid of cockroaches

Did you know you can eliminate those pesky cockroaches with boracic acid according to OSHA or Occupational Safety Health Administration. Spreading some within the crevasses or entry areas of your home will help. In fact, you’ll start noticing them dead around the corners and entry ways of your home. There may be some on the window sills that may have struggled getting out! Try this old remedy of the 8 DIY Pest Control Treatments for homeowners.

Rid of pesky roaches with these two!

  • Boracic Acid
  • Bay Leaves

For another remedy, many exterminators agree that bay leaves are a way go. Bay leaves are a great way to keep roaches out! Try putting some on the corners of floors.

7. Eliminate Mice

To eliminate rodents such a mice, there are a number of ways to do this. Naturally, you can simply use the mouse traps which definitely work and are very effective. Here’s some other ways to eliminate rodents such as those pesky mice.

2 tablespoons of soap flakes with a mixture of 2 liters of luke warm water may do the trick! Put it in a clean empty spray bottle. Spray in the areas that you may see them running around. The most common areas are behind refrigerators and inside cabinetry. Do this for a week.

Cardboard cartons and boxes are favorite hiding nesting areas. Therefore, you may want remove empty cartons or boxes from your closets or cabinet areas.

Steel wool is hard for mice and rats to eat their way through. With this in mind, use steel wool to block any openings from the outside. Seal all openings with this steel wool and they’ll have a difficult time trying to pry their way in.

8. House Dust Mite Prevention

There’s not many dust mite control products available, but here’s some things that can deter them from your carpets and mattresses.

Change linens often in your bed and basically all the beds in the home regularly. When house dust mites become a serious around your home, it could be due to them being trapped within mattresses. Therefore it’s a good idea to keep all sheets and linens cleaned regularly.

The Weather

Another element is the humidity which can keep the dust mites within and around carpets, furniture and mattresses. Keep the humidity low because when possible, they do not like low humidity.

Don’t ForgetĀ Cleaning

Vacuum the carpets and rugs in your home at least 3 times a week. If you have children and pets it may be a daily occurrence in the morning or evening. Either one, you want to do this using a HEPA filter vacuum. When children are asthmatic, you may want to have them play elsewhere instead of on the carpet or rug areas. The same goes for animals on carpets and rugs. Leave them elsewhere if your children are asthmatic or if you are.


Finally, eliminating pests or these unwelcomed guests may be difficult at times, but the word “difficult” doesn’t give it a true definition of how pesky pests are. They all may live unseen for months on end, forging their way inside your home. Fighting the battle with these 8 DIY home remedies for pest control may help, and before the next season, you want to start eliminating what you can now before the real spring critters wake up from their winter naps!