How Much Does A Locksmith Cost

Learn Costs and Tips For Finding A Locksmith

How Much Does A Locksmith Cost

The importance of being connected to a good locksmith cannot be overemphasized. They come in very handy not only in lock and key emergencies but also in construction, home renovation and security projects. The locksmith business in Brisbane is booming. This includes residential, real estate and construction industries. With so much competition around, there are all sorts of offers and prices on locksmith services. Some are low and tempting while others are extremely high and off-putting. This begs the question; How Much Does A Locksmith Cost? The truth is that there is no fixed answer. The prices are affected by a whole lot of factors including level of expertise, type and size of lock as well as distance of client from base of operation.

Why do you need a locksmith?

When Do You Need A Locksmith in Brisbane

Have you ever lost your keys or been locked out of your car? Chances are you have. In these awkward situations there is one person that can help you. Your local locksmith. There are over one thousand locksmiths in Queensland. Professionals like Pro Locksmith Brisbane perform a variety of tasks and services for people like you and me.

Below are the 5 ways a locksmith can help you.

  1. They help you by replacing your lost or damaged keys.
  2. Key cutting to make duplicates for sharing or for back up purposes.
  3. They help with lock and key emergencies. These include broken locks or objects getting stuck and blocking key slots.
  4. They can change and locks for security purposes.
  5. They can customize locks, keys and handles for aesthetic purposes.

Locksmith Costs in Brisbane

The prices of locksmiths in Brisbane are heavily reliant on two key factors; type of service and duration of the service. Below is a list of different price ranges for services offered.

It is important to note that depending on the locksmith, you can either be charged a fixed price or an hourly rate.

  • Key cutting – Cost $2.5 – $15 per key

Key cutting is by far one of the most common services. By definition, it refers to the process of creating specific patterns on a template key to fit a specific lock. This is usually done to make key duplicates.

  • Basic Lock Installation – Cost $55 – $250

Lock installation refers to the process of fitting locks on doors, windows or any other lockable structure. This is way more complicated than key cutting but is just as common. Lock installation is usually done during construction or renovation projects. It can, however, be done later on when the client wishes to change the locks for security purpose.

  • Safe Installation – Cost $500 and above depending on the safe type

Customized locks for non-residential units is almost always for security purposes. It is usually done to secure safes in banks and offices. This is one of the least common but most expensive locksmithing jobs. It is even possible to a one of a kind safe designed and installed in your home or office.

  • Lock Repair – Cost $55 – $200

Lock repair is a service offered to fix locks that have been damaged. This is usually done after home invasions and burglar break ins.

  • Automotive (Car) Locksmith – Cost $15 – $290 depending on model and urgency

These are limited to car keys, locks and to some extent, ignition systems. They vary with car model. This is because with every different model there is variation in terms of availability of lock pats and key templates.

  • Installation of Automatic Doors & Windows – Cost $350 – $550

As the name suggests, this involves set-up, maintenance and repair of doors that run on automatic systems. They include motion sensitive doors, biometric recognition doors as well as special safe doors that are set to open only at specific preset times.

  • Emergency Locksmith – Cost $15-$55 for small locks – $300 for safes

The main emergencies are jammed locks and lost keys. Locksmiths use different techniques to solve such problems including lock picking and uninstalling the entire lock if there is need to.

How To Choose Good Locksmiths?

Considering the fact that the Brisbane locksmith industry is flooded with all sorts of experts, choosing the right one can be a little difficult.

How To Choose a Good Locksmith

Below are six tips and things to consider that will ensure that you get very best locksmith in town.


Make sure you stick to your budget to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.


The best thing to do is find locally based locksmiths who are close to you. This is especially useful in the case of emergencies. Try using the search phrase “locksmith near me” in

History and other client reviews

Working with a locksmith you have used before is always a good idea. This is because you have a better idea of the quality of their work. If it’s your first time, client reviews can be very informative.

Skill levels and experience

Simple tasks such as key cutting and lock picking require less skill than safe cracking and customizing security. Remember experienced and trained locksmiths are more likely to do a better job. Ask your locksmith what training they have undertaken and check their qualifications.


Check what hours they are open for business. Also ask if they are available for emergencies and weekends.

Final Verdict

For people in and around Brisbane, there is a lot to choose from. Prices for locksmiths vary from each company and level of service provided. Remember the distance they need to travel is also taken into consideration. The further you are from your nearest lock expert the more you will pay. We hope this article on “How Much Does A Locksmith Cost” was helpful and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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