About Us

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Locked out of the house in the middle of the night? Or perhaps, you’re locked of out your car and stranded in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing any of these, Pro Locksmith Brisbane is the local key expert that can come to the rescue. It doesn’t matter if you’re locked out, lost keys, have broken locks, in need of burglary repairs, or anything related with locks, rest assured that we’re here to help you out, right when you need it. We have plenty of reasons why you should give your full trust to our company. For one, with the unparalleled lineup of commercial, residential, and institutional lock and door hardware and services, there’s no doubt that the highly skilled and qualified technicians will be able to meet every need with a wide range of cleverly designed products and tricks of the trade who can get the job done in no time.

Company History

Pro Locksmith Brisbane has grown from a small family-owned business in Brisbane, Australia. Over the years, it has become the leading supplier of electronic, as well as mechanical hardware that focuses on customer satisfaction– it’s our main priority. We assist our customers in finding the perfect product depending on their needs, and not just that– we also make sure that the delivering process will be fast and convenient We have been in the business for more than 10 years, and we already have the experienced needed to perform quality service.

Mission Statement

When it comes to the highest quality products coming from the leading security companies worldwide, we make sure that everything we offer are world class quality Aside from that, we also have the experience needed when it comes to installing high security locking system for condominiums, shop houses, villas, townhouses, and other business premises.

Without hesitation, we’ll make sure that we’d only provide prompt, reliable, and trust worthy services at a very affordable price.

Vision Statement

As professionally trained and qualified locksmiths, we’re very much aware that customers don’t only buy keys, locks, safes, and other forms of services. They want solutions to their problems.

Thus, our aim is to meet the demands of the clients whatever it is. Our years of experience allow us to advise clients on “Tailor-Made” high-security locking solutions.

We take pride in offering professional and prompts services. Aside from that, we also encourage everyone to fully rely on our highly-skilled security technicians when it comes to assisting you with the local services. We have direct access to the leading manufacturers and we also offer 24 hours, 7 day a week emergency services.


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